Doris Nicolussi


Doris Nicolussi is the Treasurer of the board.

Doris was born in 1961 in Dornbirn in Austria, graduated from business school and is a trained commercial clerk. She is one of the first members of Dach überm Kopf and started her work for Dach überm Kopf after Fr. Mag. Varghese "Georg" Thaniyath talked about the poverty in India during one of his sermons. Shortly after, Doris assisted with the introduction of Indian food at the St. Konrad coffee breakfast whose proceeds were donated for the construction of The Sew- and Embroidery Center, which is one of the employment provision programs of Dach überm Kopf.

Doris visited the work of Dach überm Kopf on site in India in 2000. She witnessed every day how urgent and important the help of Dach überm Kopf in India was. Similarly, her husband and her two sons, who accompanied her, were affected by the experience and the visit to one of the supported orphanages.

Doris focuses on supporting the orphanages and ensures that Dach überm Kopf supplies them with sufficient food, clothing, education and health care. It is one of her duties to ensure that every single Euro is invested effectively in the various projects of Dach überm Kopf and the indigent people benefit as much as possible.

Her faith provides her with the motivation to help others. It is one of the most important things for her, no matter where people are in need on this planet, to provide the best help possible.