Günter Sandholzer


Günter Sandholzer is the Secretary of the board.

Günter was born in 1957 in Hohenems in Österreich and was first working as a trained confectioner and pastry chef. Later he worked in the field for various companies and eventually founded his own company - today AMSA Verpackung GmbH - in the packaging industry. Since the beginning he has served as the company's CEO. To have balance in his life, Günter enjoys skiing, hiking and playing tennis.

Günter was introduced to Dach überm Kopf by Doris Nicolussi even before the organization was founded. He was a helping hand in all of the activities and events as well as one of the initial members when Dach überm Kopf was founded.

One of the most important things for him is that Dach überm Kopf pursues personal contact to the indigent people and families on site in India. Fr. Mag. Varghese "Georg" Thaniyath travels to India on an annual basis to keep this direct contact in addition to the support the people receive by the local partner organization Fr. Varghese Thaniyath Charitable Trust.