Palliport and Puthuvypu

Prior to the founding of Dach überm Kopf, the support of the orphanage "Little Flower" in Palliport started in 1998. In 2010 the support was extended to another orphanage in Puthuvypu. With donations and the support of Dach überm Kopf a large number of girls are supplied with school uniforms, school books, and daily meals. In addition, Dach überm Kopf provides valuable resources and education to the young girls so they are skilled and able to afford a life above the poverty line once they leave the orphanage.

Since orphanages do not get financial aid from the government in India, the sisters of the Carmelites who run the orphanages are dependant on continuous donations and support. These dependencies make donations a vital instrument in providing ongoing social support, education and shelter for the orphans.

How can I make a donation for the orphanages?

A part of every donation received by Dach überm Kopf and not designated for a specific use, will be used to support the orphans and extend the orphanages. Donations can also be designated specifically for the orphanages with a reference in the transfer.     » Donate now