We, the organization Dach überm Kopf, consider it a blessing to live in a free, peaceful and democratic Europe after centuries of inhibition, exploitation and military confrontations. Never before, since humans appeared in our regions, has such a high level of economic status and wealth been possible. Education, retirement plans, medical care, unemployment benefits, entitlement for holidays and a great number of other public protections and rights for all situations in life - from our forefathers achieved and hard-earned - are taken for granted today.

In other regions of this world all these achievements are not attainable. People are still inhibited, exploited and have to live and survive in between military confrontations and conflict regions. They have insufficient health care and limited access to education.

We, the organization Dach überm Kopf, speak up for people in such situations and regions so that there will come a point in time where all humans on this planet can live in peace, freedom and with dignity independent of race, religion, skin color and heritage.